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Welcome to the Bay-Arenac Pregnancy to Preschool Partnership

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If you are pregnant and/or have children under age 5, you have come to the right place!

By filling out this form, we can help you enroll in home visiting and/or preschool programs.  We want to support your family in finding the best programs possible.

Please fill out the form below or call 989-667-3209.  Once you submit the form, you will get an e-mail response (if you provided us with an e-mail address).

If you are filling out this form and pregnant, please enter "Baby" for the First Name, "NA" for the Middle Name and enter the Last Name.  Also, put the delivery date in the Date of Birth field.  If you do not know the gender, select either male or female and we will correct the information later, if necessary.

For more information on local programs click on "About Us" on the left-side of the screen.

To talk with someone about more help available for your family, dial 2-1-1.  It is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pregnancy to Preschool Intake Form

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I am pregnant and/or have a child birth to 3 and would like information on birth to 3 program options.

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